City Council

Top 3

Pass ordinances that facilitate non-automobile transportation and lower-emission, more efficient buildings.
Appropriate funding for implementation of clean air strategies and enforcement of rules where necessary.
Develop a city-wide sustainability plan which accounts for air quality in its key outcomes.

City Council-Specific Strategies

Cleaner Vehicles and Fuels

Transportation and Urban Form

Active Transportation


Miscellaneous Area Sources

Point Sources



[iii] EPA’s new Fuel Economy and Efficiency label.



[vi] Three examples of ADU from the city of Minneapolis.

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[x] Data from ITE’s Parking Generation 3rd Edition, 2004. Courtesy of Ted Knowlton, Wasatch Front Regional Council.

[xi] Map of Salt Lake City’s GREENBike stations.



[xiv] Shows U.S. Housing emissions by tons of CO2 per capita for different uses. Appliances and heating are the largest CO2 emitters.



[xvii] Data is from Heart + Mind Strategies 2010 Survey